At the McKinley Retreat, unique eco-friendly Adirondack vacation rentals are one-of-a-kind ‘camping-alternative’ experiences that are nestled directly into the Adirondack forest.  Plus, with a variety of amenities to choose from, you can include your preferred amount of ‘luxury’ options to temporarily transform a piece of our forest into your personal back-to-nature hideaway - only without the normal hassles associated with getting back-to-nature! Just click here, to choose your vacation rental package - and we’ll be in touch to let you know precisely how affordable your private forest bedroom vacation rental can be!


Adirondack Forest Vacation Rentals

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Our secluded backcountry forest retreat is nestled in the remote Adirondack Mountains of northern New York State, USA.

Let us be your low-impact, eco-friendly camping-alternative vacation destination.

The McKinley Retreat

The McKinley Retreat